Wander project Cincinnati Ohio 1999

My daughter is a trooper; she worked so hard with her little brothers. She would feed them, even change their diapers without being asked or throwing a fit. She made it easier for everyone around her, which isn’t something you can say for everyone. When it was time for her to go to school, she went to an all-day kindergarten that was in the magnet school program of the Cincinnati Public schools. I stood outside in the rain and snow (it started off raining and later snowed) for three hours to get them into the magnet program. I was freezing standing in line for 4 hours to make sure they got into the program.

For first grade, we decided to instead to send my daughter to the Waldorf School rather than continue with the first-grade magnet school. Waldorf was an interesting experience for my daughter; she developed a great love of craft projects in part from her time at the Waldorf school. The rest of that love of crafts came from her creative mother and her creative grandmother, but that is a story for another day.

The school had a medieval fair which most of the pictures shared today are from. This is Cincinnati Ohio Fall of 1999. The bean would later, in the middle of the school year transfer to a regular elementary school in the Center Grove district of Greenwood Indiana. But for now, we were at the Waldorf school trying to make our way. Had I known that the majority of the parents at the Waldorf school was anti-technology I probably would have vetoed it as a school. I guess we live and learn!


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Written by DocAndersen

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