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There are some parks near Greenwood Indiana. Places that we would often wander to stop and see. One of them, Brown County State Park, was one that I had spent many hours in as a child, teenager and then as an adult taking the kids to see. From the fire tower (a lot of stairs but a fun climb) to the nature center it is an amazing park. Brown County State Park is located just outside of Nashville Indiana.

As a Boy Scout, we were often camping in the primitive sections of the park. As an adult, I camped there a few times as well. We didn’t go camping (my wife has rules about camping. The location has to have certain things available. Air conditioning, room service, hot water, nice shower and an enclosed bathroom that has a door and is not just a hole in the ground) with the boys. I suspect they would have had a blast, but then again probably not. The boys have similar rules to my wife.

My favorite part of Brown County State Park is wandering the many trails. The pictures shared with this post focus on the Discovery trail that is located just outside the nature center. There are also lakes and other fun trails you can experience.

We spent many happy hours at Brown County State Park over the years! The city of Nashville is also fun to wander around and see what can be seen, but getting to the Park was always the best part for me.


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