Wander project Brown County State Park 2

I thought I would spend another day verbally wandering Brown County, State Park. There were so many things to do in the park. One of my favorite places to go wasn’t easily arrived at from roads. You had to hike into the heart of the park to stand in timber that was well they call it virgin which doesn’t seem right to me. I would call it original timber. A part of the park that had never been harvested or changed. The same woods that had he traversed a little north Daniel Boone would have seen. The same type of forest that young Abraham Lincoln walked through as he worked on the farm, or just was out hunting.

Woods undisturbed by humans. Other than those of us wandering around, the trees were untouched by humans. Simply an amazing concept to me. They also, in Brown County State Park, have some recreated buildings that are representing what pioneers would have used or considered. These rebuilt buildings are fun to wander around in. Just to see what life might have been like 100, 200 and 300 hundred years ago.

A park is a place that I could mark transitions in my life. There was, as mentioned yesterday, a time when my parents took me to the park. We would arrive at Brown Country State Park (for many years in our Blue Mercury Station Wagon) and wander around one of the lakes on the Park Grounds. We would see green snakes, hawks, squirrels and sometimes if we were quiet Deer wandering the trails near the human trail. Then I went on my own to the park as a Boy Scout, and finally, I brought (with my wife) my children. The full-cycle of park life.


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