Wander project Bonus Pictures, The Beavers that lived in the pond…

Continuing my Saturday and Sunday tradition of Bonus Pictures and since I have been beating the topic of Pond Wildlife for the past couple of days, here are images of the Beavers that joined our family for a time.

Funny, Beavers cause people to either go “ahh” or “Ahh #$%” The second one after the Beaver takes down one of the expensive little trees they have planted along the banks of the pond. We lost three trees to the Beavers, and frankly, I stayed at “ahh” the entire time.

Amazing creatures, so fun to see them swim around a pond!

Most of these pictures are of the male beaver in our neighbor’s yard.

No, they also never came to the door asking for Malt Vinegar. Nor did they trick or treat in the neighborhood, kits in costume and in tow.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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