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One of the reasons that I am anti-cell phone cameras comes from my earlier experiences with them. In part, I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to people who had lost all their pictures on their cell phone. Or worse, everything looks like the ones I am sharing today are a little blurry. Cellular phones are not with optimal cameras. They are limited because of the nature, shape and overall implementation of cellular phones.

The pictures are of the Lake Union, which is nestled on the North Side of Seattle Washington. One of my favorite places to hang out was located on the shore of the Lake Union. Jillian’s was a pool hall, video arcade that we went to at times. We would go there for a regional or team meeting when we were all in Seattle. The fun for me was wandering around talking to people I normally didn’t get to talk to or hang out with!

Lake Union is the only Seattle Lake that I never had an opportunity to take a dinner cruise on. I know there is a cruise that operates on the lake and serves dinner, but the only time I was on the Lake itself was the pleasure boat of a friend of mine. We were there early in the morning wandering around the Lake. I guess I never really thought about not taking a dinner cruise until this morning. I didn’t think about it when the time was upon me. Oh well.

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