Unique Temple: The color changes here three times a day

There are many such temples in the country and abroad that remain a mystery to everyone today. However, many temples in India are famous for their mysteries and beauty, but today we are going to tell you about three-day shifting shiveling. Shivaling in this temple located in Dholpur district of Rajasthan, color changes three times a day, to see which tourists come from far and away. Let’s know some more things about this mysterious temple.


Shivalinga present in this Achaleshwar Mahadev temple, located at Chambal no place in Dholpur district of Rajasthan, changes colors three times a day. The color of this Shivling gets reddish in the morning, Kesariya in the afternoon, and the evening becomes cloudy. The secret of this temple of thousands of years has not yet been understood. Science has not yet solved this mystery. Apart from this, even the end of the Shivalinga in this temple has not been detected yet.


Along with this, there is a secret of this temple that the water which is being offered to Shivaalinga goes. The team of the Archeology Department has not yet understood this secret of the temple. No amount of water in the natural pond pit under the Shivling can not be filled. Built in 2,500 years ago, this temple has a huge statue of Nandi made of punch metal, which is about four tonnes.


The path to reach this temple in the rocks is very rocky. That's why few people can go there only. From this temple built in Mount Abu Mountains you can not see the beautiful and the mountain. If you go to Achaleshwar temple then hill station situated on the hills of Achalgarh can also go to Mount Abu. This place is very beautiful to roam.


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Written by Râjêsh Shârmâ