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Top Road Trip Destinations for the Whole Family

Traveling together makes unforgettable memories and stories to tell for many years to come. And when the whole family is on board, that’s the definition of quality time! If you’re the explorer type who prefers driving across unknown towns with the backdrop of beautiful sceneries to taking a plane from point A to point B, read on!

Taking a long cross-country trip on a highway has an American feel to it… and the vast lands across various states have many different experiences to offer. You can simply hop in your car for a long weekend and visit bustling cities for your young ones to explore; or consider finding an Airstream for sale to bring the entire comfort of your home with you on a long, multi-destination trip. No matter what your preferences are, you can check out this list of the top road trip destinations you can enjoy with your loved ones during your next adventure. You can also check and enjoy your trip with your family or friends.

Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

Visiting the Grand Canyon with your family probably ranks high on your bucket list, and for good reason. It’s an iconic destination that’s a staple of any cross-country road trip, as it offers one-of-a-kind sceneries. You can stop at the Yavapai Point to take a good look at the amazing view, or drive down to Kaibab National Forest for a long trip adorned with natural beauty.

Park City, Utah

If open spaces and outdoor activities are your thing, you can drive your family to Park City, Utah for a memorable winter holiday filled with action. Though it’s mainly known as a winter destination, there’s a lot to do there in any season—from hot air ballooning to fly fishing. While you’re in the area, set aside a few hours to drive along Utah’s Scenic Byway 12, taking in vistas of the Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef national parks and the Kodachrome Basin.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a must-see for any music lover. Home to an enormous blues, country, rock, Irish and bluegrass scene, this city is also packed with family-friendly activities and delicious food! Thanks to its central location in the Southeast, it’s easily accessible through a number of major roads, ready to welcome you and your family with some true Southern hospitality.

San Francisco, California

If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair! Also, drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, visit the aquarium in Pier 39, enjoy the fresh atmosphere of Angel Island, and definitely drive over the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden City has something to offer to every traveler, with its many attractions, landmarks, and beautiful summers.

Keystone, South Dakota

Another common bucket-list item, Keystone is home to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, where you get to salute the presidential statues and give your family a good dose of history and culture. If you want to try the steam train experience, you can head to the Black Hills Central Railroad; then take your journey even farther by camping in the Yellowstone Park to explore its famous sites and abundant wildlife with your children.

Driving long hours, sometimes for many consecutive days, might not be everybody’s idea of fun—but once you develop a passion for that feeling of exploration and freedom, it’s there to stay! As for the younger members of your family; a good road trip is sure to broaden their horizons, improve their general knowledge and be remembered as a sweet childhood memory. So if you’re interested in spending your next family vacation on the roads, you can consider these amazing destinations—and many others—in the US, or even drive along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, the Madeira Island in Portugal, the fields and vineyards of Tuscany, or along the famous Route 40 in Argentina!


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