The workout: PowerDot Grand Tour & Trek Century Challenge

After today’s ride I am currently 25.60  miles, as well as 6 days away from completing Strava – PowerDot Grand Tour, and Trek Century Challenge. The funny thing about this ride was that I was looking for the begin historic route 66 sign which is located downtown, but failed to find it today. Some excitement to my ride, but I will find it eventually, hehe. 

Crossing into downtown – Chicago Loop

Took an alternate route headed towards Goodman Theatre which is a lot safer than N State St because of it having an actual bike lane; thank goodness for bike lanes.

There has been a few violent activities as of late on the Wabash Bridge, so I had to be extra vigilant in the area. 

The feeling of cycling down this portion of Lake St is amazing! I just added it this month because I got tired of all the stop ‘n’ go while cycling within Fulton Market District on W Randolph St, plus Lake St is a tad safer and has an actual bike lane further down. 

Completed ‘Amp Human Love Your Trail Challenge’ while participating in this challenge.

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