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The town of Niš and the river Nišava

The town of Niš and the river Nišava, Serbia.

Nišava springs from the Balkan Mountains, near Mount Kom /Bulgaria/ with the name Ginska River.

Its length is 191 km, of which in Bulgaria 40 km.

It passes through the Sichevo gorge /length 17 km, depth 350 – 400 m/, which is very picturesque.

In Niš, along the river is a park, which is a popular recreation place for the city’s inhabitants.

During my walk along the seafront, I noticed a floating restaurant as well as sports water sports facilities.

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  1. Nis is the city I was born into. It’s very nice. There are wonderful people living there, and the food is delicious. It has a beautiful fortress, a promenade by the river, a decorated city center with a pedestrian zone. He is also known for his jazz festival Nishville.

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