The Rebirth Dream Scene

Saturday, September 15, 2018

I wake up this morning, around six in the morning, but I remain in bed, going in and out of a dream, like I am moving between worlds, real life and dream world, not sure I am ready to get of the the dream, even though I do not even remember what this morning’s dream was all about.

But as I choose to lay in bed for a little longer and maybe get a little more rest and sleep, I do remember a short but memorable clip or a Dream Scene.

In this Dream Scene, I was inside my old bedroom, which is in my parents’ house. I am inside a dark room. It looks furnished, but I do not really see anything in particular. All of the sudden, I notice a small baby animal walking out of the darkness. I wonder what it is doing inside this room and where is the mother. Then, I try to figure what which baby animal it is. I notice only two legs, in which I think must be a very small baby duckling or some kind of very young bird. But I do not see any feathers. It is mostly black, with a white round area on the side. Interesting marking. Since I do not see a mother, I decide to feed it before it dies. I somehow get some baby’s milk and an empty eyedropper, and I nurture it to help it grow healthy.

Then, at the end of this scene…I hear…”Thanks. Welcome to this earth.”

I felt a “Rebirth” when I woke up, but I do not really know what all this means, and what this baby animal or baby bird was all about.

I look up “babies” in an internet dreams dictionary, and I realize that it could mean many things. But mostly it is about a new start and a new beginning, in which I guessed right when I felt a certain “Rebirth” when I woke up this morning.

Moreover, I decide to search “duck” in that same dreams dictionary, and I got “To see ducks in your dream represent your spiritual freedom (if flying) or the subconscious (if swimming).�They serve as a connection between the spiritual realm and the physical world. Ducks are multi-talented animals in that they can walk, swim and fly. Thus, a duck indicates your flexibility and your ability to blend and adapt in various situations…”


What do you think?


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