The Most Unforgettable Hiking Trip to Sumadel

Traveling is the best thing for me to relax and shift my troubled souls living in the city. I had traveled from one place to another and learn to know the people’s culture. If I am going to travel to a nearby or distant destination, I usually carry my backpack. I am a backpacker that needs to know the beauty of natural resources available in the Cordillera region of my country.

When I was hired and placed in Tinglayan, Kalinga. I had experienced the first hiking assignment to Barangay Sumadel. My colleague and I decided to start our hiking mission at 6 o’ clock early in the morning. The sleepiness made me fully awake when witnessing the new things laid by my naked eyes. It was a tiring moment and keeps on asking my colleague how far to reach the final destination. I am a bit shocked that we need to hike three mountains before we can see the tribes in Barangay Sumadel.

I can see the sun peeping closely on top of the mountain. While my colleague continued to hike at the side mountain and I am too busy taking photos along the way. I was also surprised to view the distinct shape of the Sleeping Beauty Mountain above Barangay Ambato-Legleg. The wildflowers sprawl along the man-made pathway.

At the threshold of tiresome, my colleague and I managed to shelter ourselves beside the rice storage area of the local tribes. With such relief, I could sense that we are near the final mission especially seeing the statue of Sumadel. Where we had refilled our bottles with water pouring out from it.

Finally, I started to see stray wild pigs on the pathway. I can’t wait to have a full view of Barangay Sumadel and the local tribes living on top of the mountain. I can’t imagine how they manage to walk along the trail on a daily basis and plowing their rice fields. It is really the best hiking adventure of my life. There is no need to have a pricey travel adventure.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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