The ancient fortress Atanas in Byala, Varna region, Bulgaria #3

The ancient fortress Atanas in Byala, Varna region, Bulgaria /part 3/.

Many fortresses have been found on the Bulgarian lands. Most of them have similar buildings, towers, wells and temples, partially or completely preserved to this day.

Late Antiquity Fortress is located at Cape St. Atanas in Byala. Its location is such that a beautiful panoramic view of the sea and the coast to the left and right faces your eyes.

It was more than a fortress – here was a whole port city, whose life visitors can imagine thanks to the huge colorful panels with scenes from the past. The picture complements several very well preserved parts of the city.

One of the most impressive parts of Byala fortress is undoubtedly the Basilica.

Although only a part of it has been restored – several columns, part of the altar and altar table – you can get a glimpse of what the ancient site looked like and enjoy the beautiful view of the edge of St. Atanas’s Cape. In addition to the Basilica, more religious buildings were found: the bishop’s home, two baptisms, as well as a sacred well and a gift store.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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