The 10 most beautiful cities in India worth a visit

Contrast and very mysterious – such is India. It’s a country where travelers go when wanting to escape from the rhythm of hustle and bustle, urgency and routine. In India, they experience a sense of freedom, with the chaos and order, with luxury and poverty. Enchanting temples, majestic enchanting nature, aromas of tea and spices, and pleasant indigenous people – this is the country of India.

India also boasts the exclusive cities of architecture, and about that, I want to tell you a little more. Therefore, before your eyes – the list of the 10 most beautiful cities in India that are worth visiting when going to this country


It is a city with two main parts: Old Delhi and New Delhi. In the new city, the country's government is located: there is a government building, the Presidential Palace. There are plenty of wonderful parks, shopping and business centers, museums in this part.

Old Delhi has many attractions. And also, there are colorful marketplaces, narrow streets, and rickets everywhere. Do not be surprised if you will see free-walking cows visiting Delhi's Old Town - these animals are considered sacred in India.


Chennai is a port city located in the south-eastern part of India on the coast of Bengal Gulf. This town is an important industrial and cultural center all over the country. It has developed car, carriages, textiles, tobacco, food, leather and refining industries, and in recent years Chennai has also become an important center for the development of information technology in India.


The city of Agra in northern India is best known for the fact that one of the seven wonders of the world - the spectacular Taj Mahal - is striking here. This building from the seventeenth century is built in a white marble structure, amazing in its magnificence and unique architectural style: it connects elements of the Indians, Turks. and Persians. The complex has beautiful parks and fountains, which attract romantics from all over the world to Agra.


Mumbai in central India is the largest city in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has really more than one face. It is an ethnically colorful city with immigrants from all over India. Here you can see the glittering skyscrapers, with the most luxurious offices, country-leading business companies, and multinational corporations. This luxury contrasts with poverty. If you've seen the movie "The Millionaire of Lust", you probably understand what kind of contrasts I am talking about.


Mysore is a city having many interesting and worth to visit buildings, the industry, traditional crafts, and universities operate here. However, most travelers travel to Mysore for the best yoga schools in the country. A certain sequence of exercises is even called "Mysore Style." If you feel the tension, dream about the ease of spirit, the harmony of body and mind, Mysore is the city you should visit.


The last on my list, but no less interesting Kolkata also known as Calcutta. There are many historic buildings in the city. The most significant of these is the William Fortress, dating back to the seventeenth century. It was built by British colonists. When visiting Kolkata, it is worth visiting the Great City Park, the old university, the Raja Palace, which are few in this city, and the temples dedicated to goddess Kali. This is a city that travelers either hate or love.


Historical sources suggest that the city existed in 900 years BC. The city is surrounded by fabulous nature, and has long been called "Indian gardens". Still, today's beautiful forests and lakes delight only the suburban population, while the Bengaluru Center is developing food, textiles, and crafts. It is a city where the historical past is handsomely interconnected with modernization.


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