Regatta on the Drina River 2108 (Serbia)

In ancient times, it had the name Drinos, and the people gave her the names Zelenika and Zelenka (according to the green color of water). The Drina River surrounds Tara from the northwestern and northern sides and represents the largest contact river in the municipality of Bajina Basta in the length of 60 km(Western Serbia). The Drina is one of the cleanest watercourses of Serbia.

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In the glory of the old rafters, who transported the river through the river Drina, a regatta is held each year in July. This year it will be held for the 25th time(18.-22.07). There will be several real rafts, from the tara,s conifers, as well as hundreds of boats and various original vessels with thousands participants.

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The pioneers and beginners of this event descended for the first time down Drina on the second Saturday in July 2001. In the first year, the event numbered only a few locals and a couple of vessels, so that year after year the number of vessels and participants rapidly grew and reached the number of 2,000 vessels and nearly 20,000 people on the water.

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The trip is about 40km long, which makes about 9 hours of navigation and unforgettable gathering in a beautiful ambience and pleasant atmosphere with the sounds of the trumpet. The safety of the participants is entrusted to the police, an agency authorized to provide services on the water, divers, rescuers, land registry officers and water, a home health service that sends the medical team to the water, and land participants are monitored by a medical team in a medical vehicle all the time. All this is accompanied by a rich cultural and entertainment program consisting of: concerts, dance group performances, performances for children and adults, sports events …

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Participants can find accommodation in the capacities of rural tourism and catering facilities in Ljubovija. More and more participants want to stay in rural homes, enjoy the nature and healthy food that our hosts can offer them.

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The event provides an opportunity for an unforgettable time. Satisfied participants convey impressions to their friends, and the result is an increase in the number of vessels from year to year.


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