This place is called the city of pagoda, it is more than 5000 years old History

Rajasthan is known as Mountbau Ardhakashi. There are more than 100 temples of Bholenath, whose history is more than 5000 years old. After Kashi, Mount Abu is called the suburb of Lord Shankar. It is also called the city of pagoda.

According to the Skanda Purana, Mountbau is also considered as a semi-cousin. There are 108 Shiva temples, including the Achalgarh and Vastan ji. To get the grace of Shiva, people come from far and away. There is an atmosphere of celebration at Mahashivaratri. These 6 temples of Mount Abu, whose history is considered older than 5000 years ago.

Leeladhar Mahadev Temple

The Liladhar Mahadev temple is located in Mandar, 65 km away from Mount Abu, the self-proclaimed temple of Lord Shiva. This temple is 84 feet high and it is mentioned in Shiva Purana. This temple is situated on the Mandar Shikhar mountain. Here Lord Shankar resides here as many Leelas. A shivalinga is situated on the ground, which is made of rocks.

Somnath Shiva Temple

Somnath Sant Sarovar is also mentioned in Shiv Purana and Skanda Purana. It is believed that here Lord Shiva resides here. Every Shivaratri and Mahashivaratri are especially pleased with Lord Shiva’s here. It is believed that here Lord Shankar resides here and devotees also have experience of this mythological place.

Tumu Nilkanth Temple

The Termud Nilkanth Temple is also a famous Shiva temple of Mount Abu. This temple is near Uruda Devi shrine. Shiva temple is made of sapphire stone. This temple was built by King Nal and Damayanti. To reach this temple, devotees have to climb 350 stairs. Lord Shiva’s temple and Shivalinga are made of sapphire stone.

Balaram Mahadev Temple

Located on the border of Mount Abu and Rajasthan. Here Lord Shankar dwells in the real form. With them, the snake wrapped in his throat also resides. The stream of Ganga flows from Lord Shankar’s flame also flows here. Where is the source of the Ganges water, it has remained a mystery so far. Ganga’s Amritdhara flows over the top of Lord Shankar.


Achalgarh is a place where Lord Shiva’s thumb is worshiped. Lord Shiva’s worship is worshiped in all temples but Lord Shiva’s thumb is worshiped here. The footprints of Lord Shiva are still present in the Achaleshwar temple built in the 15th century on the hill floor.

Vastan ji

Vastanji Mahadev temple is 65 km away from Mount Abu. This temple is 5,500 years old. This is the only temple in the world, where Lord Shankar is worshiped in this temple before Lord Vishnu. Aboujur is said to be because the tumor mountain tumor hinges on the snake. Because of the name of the serpent, it is called asaburaj.


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Written by Râjêsh Shârmâ

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