Miracle of Melukat

Bali is rich islands with a variety of traditions which has been done for generations, one of traditions is Melukat. The purpose of Melukat ceremony is to cleanse the mind and soul spiritually in human which is believed to eliminate our body from negative influences.

Melukat also believed to cure non-medical disease and purification purposes by the holy water used for bathing. This photo is the place of Melukat that I often visit, Dalem Pingit Temple located in the village of Sebatu, Tegallang, Gianyar regency, Bali. Not only Hindus, several times I came to the place to Melukat, I also met with foreign tourists who are also interested doing Melukat ceremony.

This place is very crowded on weekends and for equipment, you can buy in stores along the way to the entrance stairs. Love yourself, love your day, love your life πŸ™‚


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Written by E.NATASHA


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  1. We’re lucky to have dozens of similar places in Pakistan, especially in our Northern Areas whereby, we have ‘Magical Water Streams’ and why called so; coz their waters are actually a mixture of countless natural minerals; and thus work as ‘remedies’ against several skin diseases, wounds and scratches etc.

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