Luxury Holiday On Your Mind? A Travel Loan Can Make It Happen

There are a time and place for every kind of vacation. For some these can be a budget holiday and for others, it may be a luxurious one. It is always different strokes for different folks, right.

Now, if you know what kind of vacation you would want, you would be spoilt for choices. There are attractive options and destinations for everyone. They can range from the most exotic and vibrant wildlife stays, beautiful cottages opening up to stunning golden beaches, desert camping, magnificent stays in the hills or swanky cruise holidays, glamorous Himalayan yoga retreats, spa destinations or majestic haveli and palace stays.

These can be a budget holiday or a luxury vacation. If you are in a mood for a lavish holiday you can have a host of luxurious and pampering holiday options to choose from. This is where you can truly put up your feet and relax, soak in the environment and get pampered to your senses are numb with happiness.

Here’s the thing. While most of us dream of a lavish holiday, we don’t plan for one. The only reason being money. A luxury holiday costs the big bucks and not everyone has that kind of money.

So what can you do? You can always borrow money in the form of a personal loan for travel. There is a comprehensive list of places that you can go to with your travel loan. Wondering where they are? Well, here’s a glimpse of that list:

RajasthanWhen it comes to luxury, royalty, and glamour, nothing even comes close to Rajasthan. The charming desert state is full of exotic havelis, artistic kothis and charming palaces at every corner. Living in these exotic architectural marvels, which are now mostly converted into heritage hotels, is like living life of the royalty of yore. Rajasthan spells grandeur, charm and sheer luxury. Rajasthan is known for its palace hotels and truly feel like a king, you have to stay in one of these places. These palace hotels are not just in the few select cities of Rajasthan but are strewn across the royal state.

If you are wondering how a travel loan can help here, well, it can help you accommodate and reserve the best rooms in any of the palace hotels in Rajasthan.

AgraThe land of eternal love, Agra has a feel of romance in the air itself. The city which is home to the greatest monument of love is also home to some exotic luxury properties. The city is steeped in history and is home to some amazing architectural wonders like the majestic Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and FatehpurSikri. A dream vacation here is like reliving the rich history of the region. Some of the majestic properties which spell sheer luxury and opulence can be found in Agra and staying in these opulent properties will give you a taste of what luxury looks like at its best. Get pampered like royalty and relive the charm of the bygone era in this historic city of Agra, which is one of the top luxury destinations in the country.

Agra should be explored at your own place. This is possible when you can rent or hire your own car, while in Agra. The travel loan that we were talking about can assist you in this. You can rent a self-drive car or even get one rented from the hotel you stay at. All this can be paid by your travel loan.

FranceWhen you think of an international holiday, you cannot help but think of France as one of the charming luxury destinations. Stay in beautiful chateaus and experience the regal French hospitality. Or sail across the grand French Riviera or the Costa de Azur or swim on the pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean coastline and marvel at its beauty. Ski down the cascading slopes of the stunning French Alps in Chamonix. Or head to the Wine country to explore the grand French wine which will tantalize your taste buds. Dine at the grand Eiffel Tower in the most romantic city in the world or lose yourself in the charming French countryside. This country is steeping in luxury and you are sure to experience one of the most luxurious holidays of all time.

And imagine flying to France in business class or first class. Well, with your travel loan, you can book yourself and if a romantic trip, for your partner a first class or business class flight tickets so that your holiday begins with luxury.

MaldivesKnown for its crystal clear blue water beaches with golden white sands, Maldives is a paradise on earth. This little archipelago of over 1000 islands has stunning properties which virtually make you feel that you are living on the ocean. The resorts here are the epitome of ultimate luxury and sheer comfort. Exotic sea facing villas, relaxing spa therapies, exciting water sports in one of the most beautiful marine destinations of the world and great seafood is what you need to look forward to during your luxury dream holiday here. The resorts here offer peaceful and serene living and provide you absolute privacy, to help you relax, unwind and put your feet up for a great holiday experience.

A loan for a luxury

Yes, your travel loan, which you can avail from a financial institute like Tata Capital, can be the answer if you want to plan a luxury holiday to any of the above destinations. Travel loans are nothing but a personal loan for travel purposes, specifically. And they are a very convenient way of arranging funds for your dream trip without making a dent in your savings. Just because a vacation is luxurious, does not mean you will regret taking a travel loan. Travel loans are very affordable as they have very competitive interest rates, making them easy on the pocket.

Since they fall under the bracket of personal loans, check for the personal loan interest rate to your travel loan interest rates.

This will help you calculate your monthly installment. Just add the personal loan interest rates to the principal amount along with the tenure of your travel loan and you will get a definite idea as to how much money you would be repaying as EMI for your travel loan.

Travel loans are economical and easy to manage. They vary from destination to destination. If you are traveling on the domestic circuit, your travel loan amount is considerably less. If it is an international destination, the yourtravel loan would amount subsequently increases.

Many financial institutes like Tata Capital only ask for your basic KYC documents and once they are verified, they will disburse your travel loan.

A luxury vacation is something we all crave. After all, there is nothing better than staying in a world-class hotel and indulging in some spa therapy. A travel loan can be the answer to your question when you ask how you will pay for it!


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