Know the New Indian Railway Timetable: From Departure & Arrival to Terminals

Indian Railways has recently updated its timetable, and over 300 trains are affected by the revised schedule. The departure timings of 57 trains have been postponed while 58 trains may encounter alterations in overall schedule. New trains are included in the updated schedule, and the terminating stations for many trains have changed to decongest stations facing overcrowding.

The arrival time of more than 100 trains is affected by the new timetable, and around 84 trains are postponed. The popular executive trains such as Shatabdi, Duronto, Rajdhani, etc. have also seen a change in their timetables with the latest railway schedule.

It is important to stay updated with the shift in timetables, particularly for frequent travelers. Many app providers have made life easy for travelers easy by offering apps that keep pace with the latest technology and hence you can check the PNR status online to avoid inconvenience or to know the running status.

New Railway Timetable: HIGHLIGHTS

  • Terminating station of 23 trains have been changed that includes 5 trains in North Central Railway, 1 in North Western Railway, 1 in East Central Railway, 4 trains in South Central Railway and 12 trains in Northern Railway.
  • Over 20 trains are shifted to adjacent terminals to improve efficiencies.
  • A policy change with regard to maximum permissible time is mentioned in the new version of the updated railway schedule. According to new guidelines, trains with the MPS (maximum permissible speed) of 110 and 120 kmph (kilometre per hour) will run at 105 and 115 kmph, respectively.
  • Only key trains such as Shatabdi, Gatimaan, Rajdhani, Jan Shatabdi, Duroonto, Tejas, Antyodaya Express, Humsafar, Garibrath with MPS of 130 kmph can run at 130 kmph as mentioned in the new ‘Trains At A Glance’ timetable.
  • The new timetable reflects the departure and arrival schedules of all new trains as well as trains with extended services. To stay updated with the revised schedule of your train, you download train apps and check PNR status for a comfortable journey.
  • Thirty-five new trains are introduced while the services of 28 trains are extended and the frequency of around 5 trains has increased.
  • According to the new timetable, one Antyodaya Express train, two Uday Express trains and two Tejas Express trains will be introduced within the span of 12 months.
  • The departure schedule of 67 trains running from Kolkata junction is changed. Apart from this, timings of 12301-Rajdhani, 22511-Kamakhya Express, 15721-New Jalpaigudi Express, 12321-Mumbai Mail, 12303-Purva Express, 12307-Jodhpur Express are also changed.
  • Southern Railways has changed the running schedule of 41 trains from Chennai. A new train called Tambaram-Sengottai Antyodaya Express has also been announced.
  • Western Railways has announced the arrival of several new trains in the category of Mahamana Express and Humsafar. Fourteen new trains are introduced while the services for 26 existing trains are known to be extended by Western Railways.

The highlights elaborate the changes made to the departure and arrival schedule of the trains running under Indian Railways. As mentioned above, passengers must check the timings of their trains before train ticket reservation. Do not forget to check train PNR status by downloading popular train apps on your phone.

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