Kata Beach In Phuket

A distinctive feature by which the beach is easily recognizable is a small uninhabited island opposite. This island along with the location and size of Kata beach, helps the water to be relatively calm in this place, acting as a natural breakwater.

Until the sun rose high, the beach was a bit foggy. Sunbeds were still in even rows, there were very few vacationers. The sand has already been cleaned from fallen leaves and debris; traces of cars bringing scooters and other water activities after the night appeared on it. Water was wonderful in temperature at any time of the day! But the air temperature varies significantly, and during the day on the beach, I would not recommend being even under an umbrella! Until it’s hot, you can take a stroll to the other end of the beach. Its length, by the way, is about one and a half kilometers. 

If one end of the beach has a storm drain and a parking place for traditional Thai boats, then the other is “decorated” with large boulders that give it a special touch. Dry stones are not slippery, it is not difficult to move on them, but there are sharp edges and shells. Above the stones are the hotel houses.

Crabs crawl on the rocks and bunches of fish live in the backwaters between them, there is something to admire! I would wander and wander from one stone to another, but my husband was too worried for me and didn’t let me stroll there – indeed, if these stones become wet, you can forget about the movements. I really fell in love with the stones section! And when the sun rises above and gives color to the water, its picturesqueness is beyond words!

By the way, I mention the 2 sides of the beach not by accident – they, in fact, are the entrances to it. The central part of Kata beach is separated from the road by the huge territory of the hotel. Accordingly, access to the sea is possible only on both sides of it.

2 sunbeds with an umbrella, it seems, cost 200 baht. But we took them only a couple of times, the rest of the time we were quietly placed on the hotel’s beach towels – and closer to the water, and we won’t get lost in the same sunbeds that we could see 🙂 In the afternoon, we were not on the beach anyway, so the umbrella wasn’t relevant. Usually, we came around 8 in the morning and left at around 11 when the sun was already hot. We returned to the beach at about 5 p.m., sometimes earlier, and always watched the sunset (it starts at 18:30, at 19:00 it’s already dark).

And here is what we were here for –  the Andaman Sea in all its glory when the sun illuminates the water and gives it an amazingly beautiful color! The sun is heading west and the most fantastic time on the beach begins. In the evenings, the waves become a little more noticeable.

When the sunset begins, you cannot believe your eyes – you see it, feel it, feel it with your skin. Each of its stages is unique, as are the sunsets themselves. They are unique. Being at sea at this time, you are in harmony with yourself, with nature, with the universe… These are not big words, we all felt that way. Words will no longer help me describe these impressions, so I’ll just keep showing

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