If you want to stay here, than get out your appendix first

It is a research station away from human civilization, where weather does not support human, The temperature here is negative -2 or -3 degree Celsius and the whole area is covered several meters from ice. There is also a serious psychological and physical test of those coming here, because the temperatures in the winter occur to -47 and its is  very hard to come out of container home.

There are many terms and condition from Chili to live in Antarctica, Las Valas and Estrellas and one of the most important terms is, you need to get out your appendix first before you enter these places.

At present there are only 80 people living here in which  Chile Air Force staff and their families included. Therefore, physical problems caused by any problem had to be taken out that organ from body and the most closest surgery hospital is also 1000 km away. That is why reducing the risk of any emergency appendix is must to take out from body.

Although there is a hospital but there is no surgery facility and then there is sometimes a wind of 200 km per hour, and it is impossible to fly through the C 130 as a result of heavy snow fall.

One of the military personnel, Sergey Cobloys, said that the ill patient must be kept alive for at least two to three days, so that it can be taken to a big hospital and here women are also encouraged not to get pregnant. The odd thing is that even the six year old children are not excluded from the appendix. The interesting thing is that the Chilean Government gives lots of facilities and money to people here, and that’s why people come here.

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