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Here is what it likes to live at Trekking Camps in Ladakh

“Every year temporary homes are built at the foot of the towering mountains.”

Located at the center of the heart of every backpacker, Ladakh is a place away from the honkings, skyscrapers, and crowd where the way of life evolves and shines differently. But overall, if we see, it is still straightforward. Whether we talk about the sky kissing mountain ranges, gushing streams, divine monasteries, amiable locals, serene lakes, gravity-defying surroundings and much more, Ladakh has made an impact on the mind as well as the soul of every traveller with its attributes. Isn’t that true?

Have you heard of a trek on the Frozen river or you must have even seen people taking a dip in the river which has the majority of its crest frozen? Yes, that’s Chadar Trek and guess what? It is also done in Ladakh.

Where Is Ladakh Actually Located? 

Residing in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh has been drawing the attention of Indians as well as travellers from abroad for many reasons, and one of them is trekking. Yes, we said Trekking in Ladakh.

A place encompassed by Himalayas, Kumarakom, and Zanskar mountain ranges, Ladakh has many serene trails leading to beautiful places. Since the Bollywood Blockbuster “3 Idiots” premiered on the silver screen, Ladakh has been flooded with tourists and ultimately bringing the modern facilities with it.

Every year, thousands of backpackers flock to this-this paradise destination no matter what the season is, whether winter or summer, there is no shortage of tourists in Ladakh. Such is the charm of Ladakh.

If we are said to compare Ladakh 10 years and Ladakh today, one thing has surely changed, and that is the number of hotels in Ladakh. But we believe, an adventurer should opt to say in homestays in Ladakh or an even better option, camps in Ladakh. 


But what it is like to live at Trekking camps in Ladakh? Let us share a tale of our traveller:

Vishnu was amongst one of those trekkers who booked his Ladakh tour package with us in the previous year. On taking Ladakh tour, he told us that had a long dream of doing the Chadar Trek to pump up his adrenaline with walking on the frozen Zanskar River. But honestly, that wasn’t the only thing which I love about the Chadar Trek, said: “Vishnu” (the traveller). While living in the trekking camps, he could hear the smallest out whispers very clearly with temperature going down to -15 degrees Celsius in the night.

The traveller (Vishnu) also stated that he was completely packed in his camp, but when he woke up in the next morning, he saw few wild animals walking on the peak in front of his eyes. The snow was covering the whole area, chilly winds were breezing, while a small bonfire where our guides were making tea for all of the travellers.

On further speaking, the traveller (Vishnu) also stated that; it seems an ordinary affair, but its not like that. The trekking camps in Ladakh were too good to comfortably accommodate in, and my experience was amazing to cherish.

If you too want to enjoy the camping fun with a trekking adventure just like Vishnu (the traveller did), go book a Ladakh Tour Package with Go2Ladakh, and we ensure to provide you with the best of the best experience in Ladakh. 

What Is New For You?

One thing you would surely want to do while living at Trekking Camps in Ladakh is to do star gazing for 10 to 15 minutes, which is also the best thing to do in Ladakh. WIth us, the camps we provide throughout the trekking, you would get to witness the constellations so clearly than anywhere else. Staying in the trekking camps in Ladakh will reward you with wonderful experience which many five-star hotels fail to provide.

If you too want to do that know, get your wanderlust fuel from the experience of Vishnu (the traveller). This was Vishnu’ experience with us on his Ladakh tour. We have many other experiences to share, and you too can become a contributor and showcases your travel stories of Ladakh.

But for that, you have to visit our website, where you will find everything about your Ladakh trip. Go, have a look!

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Written by Vishnu Kumar


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  1. Beautiful and serene looking place and just in my type of weather, winter. Unfortunaly, being 64 years old, I am afraid that trekking and camping is out of the picture for me. But still a big thank you for posting such an awe inspiring trekking experience.

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