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Factors to Keep in Mind during the Indian Visa Application

The visa becomes a legal requirement while traveling to most of the countries, and India is no exception. Acquiring the knowledge of the basic guidelines will keep you legally safe. Here is an account of factors to consider when considering an Indian visa application.

Body: Besides being aware of the one’s budget, it is essential to obtain the fundamental knowledge of the destinations that one can travel while in India. Another significant thing to be aware of the legal guidelines of the country. India has a set of rules and regulations when it comes to the visa application. Attaining basic knowledge about the guidelines makes one’s traveling experience positive.

There are some intricate factors to be aware of before initiating the process of visa application. To avoid any error, one should consider the following factors:


  • If you are filling an Indian visa application online, you must understand the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill based on the specific guidelines. An applicant needs to understand the following things during the application process:
  • You must adhere to the duration of your stay and ensure it does not go beyond.
  • Make the reason for the travel clear in the application. The reason could be medical treatment, casual business visit or meeting family and friends.
  • The passport must be valid for the minimum of six months from the travel date because the application is prone to rejection in case of passport expiration within the specified period.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages for an immigration officer to put a stamp on it.
  • You must provide the evidence of enough fund during their stay in India, and a return ticket is also necessary.
  • Avoid travel agents and mediators- You should refrain from sharing personal data on unofficial websites as it can lead to identity theft. Therefore, you should dodge approaches from travel agents or mediators. Careful research and relying on dependable sources can help you avoid daunting experiences. The Government of India generally offers a step-by-step guide to carry out the processes related to passport and visa.
  • Submitting the application on time-
  • You must initiate the process of visa application in advance to ensure highest standards without any glitch. You must be submitted four days before the date of travel. Commence the process of visa application according to the date of the travel.  You should research in advance about the procedure to avoid errors on the forms/ documents and provide space required to plan an effective journey.
  • Furnishing accurate details-
  • It is crucial to provide the correct information in the application. Since the details are subject to verification and review, you must fill the form carefully. Usually, the visa application gets rejected on the grounds of minute errors like typing mistakes, wrong year of birth, age, etc. Therefore, you should refer to official documents while filling the form and keep the personal details private. Every information mentioned in the form should be accurate and relevant.

Whether you use an online method or turn to the Indian Embassy for Indian visa application, ensure that you adhere to the country’s legal rules. It will help you to enjoy a positive traveling experience.


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