F-15A Eagle Fighter at the Museum of Aviation

As you come into the Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, there is a huge jet right in the atrium to greet you. This jet is a relatively modern F-15A Eagle fighter jet. It was made by the McDonnell Douglas Company (now Boeing) and first flew way back in 1972 and was in service by 1976.

It was one of the most successful tactical fighters in history with over 100 victories and zero losses in aerial combat. It was sold to the Israeli and Saudi Air Force and in its first mission out F-15s shot down 15 Mig fighters. They also participated in anti-satellite activities and the jet could climb up at a near vertical 60 degrees to over 30,000 feet and had the only confirmed kill of an orbiting satellite via missile strike. The jet has been upgraded over and over and the new F15E will remain in service in the future even.


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