Beach Boys – Bajan Style

It began casually in the late 60s.  Barbados was the starting point.   A quiet, ignoreable island which never had a slave uprising and kept crime out of the newspapers.

Women would travel there and  meet a local who was so humble and servile.   The woman would, although she did not even think the term, “buy” him for the stay.   She would have a companion, bed partner, and someone who was totally devoted to her.

It was an ego boost for a woman from a 1st World Country, who wasn’t very much, to be treated as if she was the most beautiful woman in the room.  

The ‘industry’ began when women came to Barbados deliberately for the ‘Beach Boy’.    When they gave referrals to their friends.  The unattractive female in her deep forties could arrive in a Tropical Paradise and go on the beach and ask for Errol or Ken or Danny and have her ‘pet’ for the length of her stay.

Here was a man who was not dominating, violent, powerful, but submissive, gentle, and willing to please.


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