Beach Boy – The Female Buyer – 2

The woman looking to buy a husband in the 3rd World is going to want someone reasonably attractive.  Someone who will be submissive.   Someone who only speaks when spoken to and never argues.

He is to obey her, follow her, make no demands.  

However he feels, whatever he thinks, he keeps it to himself.  She is to make all the first moves, and he is to comply.

After marriage, when she exports him to her home country, he can not change his pattern, in fact his limitations increase.  Rarely will she allow him to associate with anyone like him or contact his friends from his home country.  He is not allowed nights out or time off.  

If there are children, he is to look after them. When they attend school, she will give him various chores to do during his ‘off hours’.

He will very rarely, if ever, have time away from her, unless she discards him.


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Written by jaylar


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    • I have seen it myself. First in like 1982, then again in the 90s and most recently when a good friend of mine married this repulsive creature who was part of the Embassy and she took him with her like a puppy. And he was and is NOT ALLOWED to communicate with me by email. The most he can do is post on Facebook and respond to me (I use another nick) and once every blue moon, can use messenger.

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