Beach Boy – New Style – 2

Suddenly,  ugly women from 1st world nations began husband mining in 3rd world countries.  

These women avoided  beach boys and rentadreads.  They looked for low level employees;  a taxi driver, a waiter, a hotel worker, a man who was familiar with subservience, and had a touch of decency so knew how to behave.  

These women didn’t want gigolos, didn’t want men who knew how to play women and would be looking for her replacement.  They wanted a man who knew he had no real future.    They wanted a man who virtually had nothing and was willing to sell himself for an upper middle or upper class life.

The woman had a some position, money, and as long as he could perform and show respect, that was all that was required.

There would be a marriage, not on on paper, not with the promise of a VISA. The woman would  import her husband to her country where he had very little wiggle room. He lived on her pocket, he did what she said, or he was swept out with the trash.


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Written by jaylar


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