Beach Boy – New Style – 1

Originally, the foreign woman came to the Islands for a meaningless fling.  For a few weeks she wanted to feel like a queen.  She wanted a young man to wait on her, seem to love her, satisfy her, and then, fly home as if ‘Nothing Happened’.

The next phase came in Jamaica when Sunsplash began.  It was not on the Beach it was in and around Jarrett Park where the music festival was held.

Jamaican men book booths, got 5 passes and Rentadreads came for a Goose.  They came for sex, for free lunches, and whatever else they could get.

This went on for a time until the ‘Geese’ (the white women used by the Rentadread) turned the tables.  They were no longer the innocent festival attender who was seduced and used by the Renta, they were the predators, coming to get an on paper husband.

They came to find a guy whose last name they could adopt, then, after the marriage, return to their country with a new identity, and start life over as a MRS.   This meant that when they got pregnant it wasn’t Miss Ting who was having a baby, but Mrs. Abandoned Wife.

For the unattractive woman in her deep thirties or forties to be married, even on paper was useful.  And as it cost pennies to buy the man, many rushed to Jamaica and other islands to get that Mrs in front of their name.


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Written by jaylar


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    • They were looking for someone they could own and operate. It wasn’t like this back in the 70s but by the 80s the idea of ‘buying’ a name took to the fore. Now, it’s moved to buying the man.

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