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Auckland Airport

Well towards the end of November, it’s been extra hot and dry for New Zealand. Extra humid as well.

Here at the Auckland Airport, I saw hay bales and so here they are. Watching planes come and go, identifying which plane it is and generally admiring the view.

You can stop in your car and watch planes come and go.Many just enjoy watching planes and it’s free.

#1 Air New Zealand

I can say it's a good airline. Most of the time. 

5 points

#2 Air New Zealand flying to unknown destination.

At a guess, it's probably going somewhere in Australia. Sydney is 2 hours away. So if you leave Auckland at 12 O'clock lunchtime, you can also arrive in Sydney at 12 O'clock lunchtime, because Sydney is 2 hours behind New Zealand time. 

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#3 Auckland Airport Bridge

This is Puhinui Road. 

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#4 Wild flower in the field by the Airport

I don't know what the name of this flower is. 

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#5 Orientals admiring the view.

People come and go to watch air planes, it's a great thing to do and entirely free.

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What do you think?

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