About 3 hours south of Auckland is a place called, “Arapuni”. There is a dam this is all part of the Waikato river and here are some pictures of this place.

There were people in this place that stopped for coffee or ice cream. The woman that sold the coffee was from Germany. She made wonderful coffee and told us that she now lives in the country in the local area and loves where she lives.

Lake Arapuni is part of the Waikato area and is further south than Lake Kiripiro.

#1 Arapuni Hills

At the cross roads

#2 Where we stopped at Arapuni with the Waikato river

Some of New Zealand bush

#3 Part of the scenery

Not far away from the last picture

#4 View of the Waikato river that runs North

#5 Near the bridge of the Waikato River

It's one way. 

#6 The Bridge over Arapuni Dam

I put my camera above the wire and took a photo

#7 A road that is private that goes to an unknown destination

I thought it rather pretty but not a good idea to go there by yourself.

#8 A car goes over the one way road over Arapuni Dam

All the dams seem to have a red tape over the water and I don't know why.


The Waikato running south

#10 Looking south Waikato other aspect

You can see some of the wire.

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