A Day in Mexico City 2021

Monday, 5.24.21

The Youtuber’s day started out brunch at a Historical Center. It seems lively and noisy, like a typical business location. Then, he went to a high tower, where he climbed all the way to the top, whether via elevator or steps, to enjoy the scenic view of the city from the top aerial location. Then, he went to an Obisidian Workshop to check out cool stones, carved in different shapes. There were some snacks and drinks to taste.

#1 Mexico City LIVE: Tostadas, Horchata, and Hot Chocolate in Historic Center

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Mexico City tour continues, as this NYC Youtuber enjoys a food lunch today at an outdoor café. He enjoys different tostadas, horchata, and Mexican hot chocolate. One of the tostadas is vegetarian. There are also four different sauces—from mild spicy to very spicy. The vegetarian tostada has sweet potato. The other tostado has raw tuna and avocado slice, perfect for sushi lovers.

He enjoys his lunch outdoors, in the center of the Historic Center, amidst Mexican music playing in the background as well as a social scene of the Metropolitan theater and local businesses.

Horchata is rich rice milk.

It appears that Mexico City is also very windy during springtime in May.

Dessert—rice pudding sandwiched by toasted corn.

Hot chocolate looks very foamy and creamy. It doesn’t have milk. It is made with water.

Espresso with lots of crema, which he pours into his Horchata, creating a Mexican espresso latte.

#2 Mexico City LIVE: Magnificent Views on Torre Latino Americana

It appears hazy, smoggy, cloudy, and gray in Mexico City, as the NYC Youtuber looks at the view of the city from the top of the Torre Latino Americana.  Mexico City has its own Central Park version. It looks similar to the Empire State Building, and maybe the Statue of Liberty. 7000 feet in altitude more than NYC. With altitude, this tower is taller than Empire State Building, but it is actually half the height of the Empire State Building.

All the buildings below have red rooftops.

Mexico City has the second largest plaza in the world, after the one in Moscow, Russian.

Volcano in the background, behind the filmy fog or smog in the horizon, besides some mountains.

It looks like a romantic place for a marriage proposal.


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