5 Of The Best Holiday Destinations for Active Travellers

Holidays are coming, and that means many things – time with the family, good home-made food, and a lot of Christmas movies. But what if that’s not your idea of holiday heaven? If you want to get away this Christmas, but also aren’t happy with the usual urban destinations and would prefer an active holiday, we’ve got you covered. More and more people are becoming more health conscious both home, and when exploring the world, so they want the best holidays full of activities that will allow them a different outlook at the scenery. If that’s you, here are our suggestions for 5 active holiday destinations that will make you pack your luggage in 5 minutes.

Trail Walking in Monte Verde, Costa Rica

If you like trail walking, this is one of the best spots available in December and January: the picturesque Monte Verde in Costa Rica. This is the home to the Cloud Forest Reserve, an amazing rainforest that will allow you to step much closer to nature than you usually do. The rainforest is full of rapids, gorges, natural springs, and waterfalls – imagine how beautiful it must be during a trek. Now rest assured it’s even more beautiful in real life! You can take a guided tour around here, or explore on your own if you’re feeling adventurous. Just make sure to take a map with you, we don’t want you to get lost! When it comes to the eternal “where to stay” question, you’ll find family lodges in the rainforest, and that’s probably the best idea for a holiday such as this one!

Cycling in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Okay, we see where you might think we’re wrong – Amsterdam sounds like a typical urban destination. But what matters is what you’re about to do there, and with its reputation of a biking capital of the world, this city is the number one place to go if you’re a cycling fanatic. Foreigners come and marvel at the sight of so many bicycles in the city, all in harmony with the rest of the traffic. You’ll stay safe because this city is really adapted to the numerous cyclists – just try not to hit pedestrians (that happens). Another bonus – Amsterdam looks like a fairy-tale city in every weather, so it is just a little more emphasized during holidays. If you get tired of the city, you can opt for a cycling route venturing into the countryside and along 17th-century windmills, or even cycle to the beaches along the North Sea. Then upon return to the city enjoy a warm beverage or anything else this city has to offer!

Walking the Great Ocean Road, Australia

If you enjoy hiking and your long-time wish is to travel to Australia, the Great Ocean Walk is the experience tailored for you. This is probably one of Australia’s most popular Bucket List walks, and given its beauty, it’s no wonder! You might have visited the famous Great Ocean Road, or at least heard of it – but the beauty of the walking tour is that it lasts much longer, allowing you to go where the road doesn’t, and to soak in the beauty of the ocean and the coast. To walk the entire road usually takes about 8 days, but if you want to experience other parts of the country, or just have a small time slot at your disposal, you can opt for Life’s an Adventure walk that takes 3 days and covers the best sections. Not only will you see the famous beautiful landscapes and the Twelve Apostles, but local wildlife as well – koalas, wallabies, echidna, and countless birds!

Mountain Biking near Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

They say Queenstown is the capital of the world when it comes to outdoor activities. It’s especially popular in the summer, and whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just an adventurer who would like to dive into the gorgeous scenery around Queenstown, this is the place to go mountain biking. The town lies on the coast of Lake Wakatipu and is surrounded by hills that provide incredible mountain bike trails in summer. You can rent a good bike in Queenstown, and it also offers many options for accommodation, from youth hostels to lavish air bnb’s. When you’re done with biking for the day, go to Fergburger – it is said to be the best burger place in the whole of New Zealand.

Volcano Hiking in Indonesia

And now for something completely different! Even though volcanos are active in Indonesia, people don’t seem to mind, and they are happy to go climb volcanos! For the best thing, go to Lombok, neighbour island of Bali, and the second highest volcano in the country. It last erupted in 2016, but with its peak at 3,726 metres, it offers the most amazing views. The usual tours take three days, and the second day is the worst when it comes to how difficult it will be and how much your whole body will ache. However, no one ever seems bothered by this, because by the time you get up – your breath will be taken away by the view. That is, if you have any left!

Whatever you choose, we can only wish you a safe trip and happy holidays! Go get the views, and enjoy!


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Written by Stella Ryne

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