5 Glamorous Gardens to Visit in Newcastle

There’s always some beautiful and refreshing about flower and plant gardens wherever the location is. They are like places of comfort, healing and tranquility as you interact and be embraced by nature’s arms. Going to one makes you realize how beautiful the creation indeed is, in both big and small tangible things.

In Newcastle, glamorous gardens can be found, and you definitely should not miss the chance to experience it right there at the moment. If you are lodging in a friend or relative’s house or in a lovely accommodation in Newcastle, why don’t you check out the places around you? They might be just somewhere there.

Below are 4 of Newcastle’s beautiful gardens to pop in a visit.


Source - Permaculture Magazine

Photo from: Permaculture Magazine

A very special and delightful feature of a garden you must drop by is its existence for its love to help people appreciate and take care of Mother Nature in productive and worthwhile ways! This amazing garden located in Yewcroft Avenue that fits perfectly in that category is the Scotswood Natural Community Garden.

1995 was the year the Scotswood Natural Community Garden was built. It measures somewhere between two to three acres and consists of many different parts like ponds that draw wildlife. These areas are also where you can find toads, newt and frogs.

Its aim is to inspire people to have the desire to learn about nature, environment and sustainable living. They go for an advocacy that influences the community to be better earthlings.

As you know, the Earth needs more care, especially with the recent happenings all over the world. People need to be more mindful about every action that affects the environment for many things lead to worsening of environmental issues. This garden is just one of the many change-makers as they opened their garden not only for leisure and business purposes, but most importantly, for progressive work for nature and wildlife.

The Scotswood Natural Community Garden works with nature to build a pleasant place for people and wildlife to enjoy and live safely and comfortably. The garden is about the community, but gladly, it welcomes anyone coming from anywhere to enter and enjoy and to participate in their environmental projects and events. It’s surely an honor to take part in events with a cause like this one, and even just entering the garden would be filled with glee!


Photo from: Wikimedia Commons – Windmill at Armstrong Park

Yes, this one is a park, not only a garden, but it’s not just any other park. The Armstrong park is a historic park in Burlington Gardens. There are many plants that surely make the surroundings rejuvenating. You can see beech, elm, ash, sycamore, oak trees, mature woodland, grassland areas and valleys.

Armstrong Park began in 1883 as it was given Lord Armstrong to the people of Newcastle.

Jesmond Dene and Heaton Park are linked to it. These three make a good place for walking alone, walking your dog, exercising and unwinding. If you want to sweat off and play sports, there are courts for basketball and tennis. What’s more, you will see many historic evidences in Armstrong Park as you stroll around its green surroundings.

It’s incredible to know that this land is full of gardens that serve as a haven to a lot of bird species. A famous icon in this park is the Shoe Tree where Newcastle students celebrating the conclusion of their school examinations.


Photo from: Facebook – Angela Maughan Photography

The Civic Centre which was publicized in 1968 by His Majesty King Olav V of Norway is one of Newcastle’s leading landmarks. A contemporary classic of its era, the Civic Centre is listed under Grade II buildings.

You will find the Civic Centre Garden where you can calmly and peacefully stay in and stroll around. You can ease off after a long walk in the mall, after seeing a movie or after eating out! It would be nice to sniff in some fresh and clean air filtered by majestic trees. In the gardens also, you can see the well-known St. Thomas the Martyr Church.


Photo from: Facebook – Whickham Hermitage Community Garden

A captivating garden situated in Whickham has been restored with the hard work and passion of kind-hearted group volunteers. It’s the award-winning Whickham Hermitage Community Garden.

With its tough walls, this Victorian garden houses different flower species, birds, butterflies and ponds responsibly maintained and cleaned. It’s perfect for walking and even for group meetings plus you can go there for free!

It’s a garden that will give you a good mood for the place itself is invigorating. What’s more, there’s a coffee shop within where you can buy sumptuous sandwiches or cakes when you get hungry while having fun! It’s a cafe with a relaxing ambiance and welcoming staff. You can buy craft items and small plants as well!

There are many spots you can sit on the garden because they are neat and well-kept.


Newcastle absolutely is a place of beauty, and into the woody and green gardens filled with nature’s treasures and wildlife, you will certainly be mesmerized and enraptured!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Newcastle, an exemplary traditional hotel alternative offering bright and spacious serviced apartments for locals and travelers. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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Written by Nicole Ann Pore

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