10 Romantic Things To Do In New Zealand For A Memorable Honeymoon Vacation

New Zealand is an exotic island nation in the south-west Pacific Ocean. Its remoteness makes any honeymoon couples to go there and enjoy their romantic days. This island is popular for adventure tour, nature tour and honeymoon tour.

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1. Gaze the Sky for Aurora Australia

Surprise your life partner with the Aurora seen from the Southern parts of New Zealand. You both can sit and watch this natural phenomenon of spotting dancing colourful lights in the night sky. You can just relax and watch them until the sun light fade them in the early morning hours.

2. Take her for Sailing in New Zealand

This is an island nation with 600 Islands. There are many uninhabited islands, where you can sail and reach there by a boat. You can spend your privacy in those remote locations. These are exotic islands with lush woodlands and water bodies like lakes and streams.

3. Hot Air balloon Ride

Taking your partner to hot air balloon will be a different romantic experience. You can see the varied landmasses of this island nation from top heights. An early morning balloon flight is the best to see the sunrise.

4.  Go for the Vineyard Trials in New Zealand

The vineyards of the New Zealand are an amazing place to wonder in the middle of lush greenery. You can taste rich and old wines, which are produced here. This is the best place for walking trials. The best time to visit the wine yards in New Zealand is during the food, wine or beer festival.

5. Stay in Luxury Lodge

The sea facing luxury lodges is the best for honeymoon couples to spend their days with fine luxury. You can avail their spa services and personalised services. You can spend your time in privacy in the pool and spa.

6.  Hahei Beach

You can go for kayaking in the Hahei beach present in the Coromandel Peninsula. This is also a popular hiking place for the couples. You can spend your privacy in the lush meadows of the shores. This is a silent golden sea beach.

7.  Romance in the West Coast Beaches of New Zealand  

If you wish to visit uninhabited place, the west coast sea beaches are the best place to do romance on your honeymoon tour in New Zealand. Its sea silent coast and rolling hills are its main beauty. You can find thick forest cover on these hills.

8.  Rotorua

Take her to the natural spa place in New Zealand. You can find many places with steam coming out of water and landmass. These are hot springs and the best to take a spa bath together on your honeymoon tour. First, you can take a mud bath and take a dip in the hot spring water.

9.  Auckland City Tour

The honeymooners must stay in the Auckland City and enjoy its sky tower, parks and art gallery. This is the best place to shop together and eat your favourite cousin. You can take your dinner in a luxury cruise ship too from this main city.

10.  Cruise In Kaikoura

Take her to the depth of the Pacific Ocean and watch the whales. If you are lucky enough, you can sight the human friendly dolphins too. You can do snorkeling and see the underwater marine life. There is also a giant aquarium to see in this place.

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