Writing Site Rip – 2

Riprite, an online publishing site appeared one morning, full of great articles, with fantastic promises of high earnings.

The Owner and his five friends, (Shills) using false names, ran all over the place posting;

“I just joined the best writing site on the ‘Net!  It pays more than double every other site!”

When people saw the address, “riprite.com1234”  they went.  (The last numbers were the referral code of a member so that  they could keep track of how many users each brought in.)

The front page was full of great articles from what seemed to be more than thirty plus members.

The Newbie didn’t know that the great articles were plagiarised, and there were only 6 members, the Owner and five friends who used false names (duals) to publish the articles.  

After a busy morning of touting the site all over the internet,  at day’s end there were over one hundred new members, and the number increasing by the minute.


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Written by jaylar

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