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Wooden flash drives: simple, stylish, exclusive

                                    Why wooden flash drives?

Undoubtedly – a flash drive (flash drive, USB flash) is the most compact and convenient modern storage medium that can be connected to any reader through the USB connector. And now the standard design of flash drives no longer attracts the sophisticated user. Forming your personal image is always very important. This is especially true when we talk about the smallest details: watches, belts, other paraphernalia, and oddly enough, flash drives. After all, the flash drive is always in use, and the more beautiful its design is, the more attention its owner pays to his device.

At all times, the wood was considered the noblest and environmentally friendly material. The wooden texture of the case of a flash drive made of natural wood can be not only beautiful but also very environmentally friendly compared with a plastic case.

                                 Characteristics of a wooden flash drive

The main technical characteristics of wooden flash drives include size in the range of 3-7 cm, while the weight is only 10-60 grams. The read speed is 7-15 MB per second, and the write speed is 3-7 MB per second. Memory capacity from 1 to 64GB. The wooden case of the flash drive does not affect its operation in any way, and the flash drive is also easily rewritten and formatted.

Fantasy of the designers in the design of wooden flash drives is simply limitless: flash drives decorated in the form of a wooden pencil, oval and round, can be put on a chain and as a keychain for keys. All models of wooden flash drives look just great, and the polished surface is pleasant to the touch. It should be noted that wooden flash drives are the only type of flash drives that you can not only use, but also admire at the same time – those patterns that nature gave us in the texture of wood.

The advantages of wooden flash drives can be safely attributed: modernity, aristocracy, beauty and the bigger thougth behind it when we talk about ecology. You can find a wide range of flash drives of various models and colours. Of course, you can think that you probably can’t save the environment using a wooden flash drive but even with this small step you can make a difference. Watch this video about wooden flash drives:


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Written by mary