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Why is Telegram necessary?

Modern science, Today is the time of technology and innovative media , modern media has taken every person out of darkness, especially social media, that the people used to use people on TV, radio and newspapers. The Facebook Whats app is increasingly increasing the number of users that a home will have to be barely saved, which does not use Facebook or Whats app, each of the many houses. But busy and busy

Today I am introducing you to another kind of Social app called Telegram, Telegram, in 2012, developed by Nikolai and Paul Dodhrouf, both of them brothers before also created a “VK” social network.

Because Telegram is not just like Facebook and Whatsapp but it is also attracting a large number, and it is beneficial to be compared with other apps because of the other apps Useful features are abundant, let’s compare the telegram with whats app.

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* Telegram versus Whats app *

1. There is an important feature in telegram “channel” which is not in the whats app and line etc.. The biggest advantage is that you can reach your millions of people with only one click, the second benefit Disclaimers are misleading in the group because only the administrator on the channel is entitled to send any writing etc., not other members, yes admin can take members by contact boot on a written note.

One of the main advantages is that big personalities through telegram channels can reach their message by communicating with people in general, but also reaching them. People will not know the number of personalities nor the number of contacts in any other shape.

2. There is also a public and private channel option in the telegram. Anything that can be done by a public channel can be used and its own special name can also be placed.

3. One feature of the telegram is its username, user username refers to a code word that works for your link and mobile number, in addition to using telephone with your personal number hiding from people. While this service does not exist in the Whats app.

4. One of the features of telegram is that you can run it on multiple devices simultaneously, as well as stand on your computer and laptop. When the first account closes the Whats app on another device Is.

5. Only 256 people in the Utilities app group can allow you to add upto 2,00,000 members, which are integrated with a super-group. How important information can be up-to-date or previewed? You can also missions your friends as well.

6.Telegram users can send documents, audio files and PDF files as well as send audio videos and text messages.

7. Telegram also offers multiple number of stickers and GIFs. You can also make the stickers of your choice.

8. If there is a feature to keep the time hidden in the Whats app, then one step forward in the telegram can also hide the time of selecting people online.

There are other features of Telegram that distinguish it from other social apps, and it will be estimated that after you step into this field. The most important thing to do is Brother is the user’s feature, which has more privacy and security than other apps.

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