Who are Influential Netizens? The Answer is Surprising.

You’ve heard the term citizen. Do you know the term netizen?  A synonym for this word is cybercitizen.  Some say it just means “Internet user”.  But I take it a step further because in my opinion netizens are the folks who have grown up in the information technology generation and have no clue that vinyl records were not actually created to be intentionally scratched and used as background noise for RAP music!!

Do you know any famous netizens?  I can think of two:  Taylor Swift and Trevor Noah.  They seem to know a lot about the Internet and the rest of the related technology and how to use it, along with their influence.

That being said, it was a surprise to find that the influential netizens appear to be in China and India.

I did not even think of China.  But in 2018, there were 100 Chinese people, between the ages of 14 and 40, who were chosen as “model netizens”.  That was surprising (to me).  In fact, you can find a lot more buzz on the Internet about Chinese netizens than you can find about American netizens.  Evidently, Chinese netizens are influencing American politics and world affairs.

Did you know that #NetizensForDemocracy is a very popular hashtag on Twitter?  One would expect netizens to use their knowledge, skills, abilities, and capabilities to promote freedom and democratic ideals.  The surprise (to me) is that the hashtag is used mainly by citizens of India and not citizens of the United States.

Are you surprised to learn who the influential netizens are?

♦ Fact: The word “netizen” was invented by Michael Hauben in 1995.  He combined the words “Network” and“citizens” and intended for it to refer to “citizens of a digital network”


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