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US Discover Laser System to defeat Russia & China

Pentagon has developed safe and fast-speed laser systems for targeting targets during combat operations, contacting each other’s personnel, and to exchange secret information. The specialty of the system is that it can not be hacked or destroyed. Pentagon has called it ‘Laser Communications System’.

American Forces rely on wireless network and radio frequency communication, However, this system is not safe, which is very easy for China or Russia to jam the system, but can also change the messages they send and thus, America’s secretive operation can be failed.

Due to such threats from China and Russia, Pentagon began research for a new system and The US Institute of Defenseadvanced Research Agency declared the laser communications system safe and fast for delivery and communication of critical information.

According to Pentagon, such sensors and hardware systems have been worked on, with the ability to send and receive messages with ‘free-space optical technology’. This system will be able to send and received messages not through the cable but through laser in the air.


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