I think my dog hates technology…

I was thinking, tongue in cheek or maybe not tongue in cheek about a problem I have. My dog, my pal, my buddy Dylan doesn’t like technology. He likes me, well I think he likes me, but he does not like technology. He doesn’t mind watching TV and relaxing before we go on a walk. But he hates my iPad, computer, and iPhone. He hates them a lot. At night, as things are settling down from the day, I like to sit and watch the evening news. Dylan will often come and sit with me, or sit in my lap. If, however, I am holding my iPhone one of two things happens. He will swat at the phone with his paw, or he will get up, glare at me and walk away.

Does anyone else have this problem? I know it is not an overall dog issue because I can pet Raven (our other Lab) and hold my phone and she doesn’t care. Dylan though expects my full attention and doesn’t like me holding my phone and petting him. I wonder if that is the next evolution in dogs. That dogs new behavior will be no longer accepting the presence of technology when their human is petting them, sort of a dog 2.0 if you will.

Televisions he doesn’t care. In the fall and winter, his favorite activity is lying by the fireplace and relaxing as I watch football or basketball game. By the way, this behavior of Dylan’s is not shared with the other humans in the house. Just me, but then I am his person, so there is a natural tendency for him to be more demanding of me. The other thing he often does is, when I am in my office working in the basement, he will come down and demonstrate his frustration by carrying things out of my office. I wonder who is training who?


What do you think?

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