The Ultimate Comparison – Windows VPS VS Linux VPS Hosting

The way marketers today are looking at the web hosting options, is something that they did not watch out for some few years back. The multiple options of web hosting within a cheaper price range have made web hosting an easy task for all internet marketers. There are many services that you get within a lower price range as compared to the dedicated hosting servers.

If we go back to the time when people only had the option of dedicated hosting servers to accomplish their web hosting needs, it won’t be wrong to say that not every marketer could afford its expenses.

Today, with the growth in the sector of web hosting in terms of shared hosting servers and VPS hosting servers, the marketers have not only benefitted monetarily but they have also managed to get their hands on to various features associated with such web hosting platforms.

When talking about web hosting servers, the two most common hosting servers today are the window VPS and the Linux VPS Hosting. They have got tough competition amongst themselves to prove their worth to the internet marketers and hence, these web hosting server provides enough features at a lower cost to meet the needs of other users.

Today in this article we will discuss which one is better amongst these two and in what aspects. Let’s read on to know more 

Linux VPS hosting in a nutshell

If your company’s web developer is programming proficient then going for this web hosting service is well recommended for you! The coder has all the say in this kind of programming. You can change and upgrade the features according to your interests and needs without the interference of the host server.

Being an open source operating system, Linux has advantages over windows system in terms of software functioning. They have got a lesser risk of crashing with a heavy workload. Thus it can be assumed that for high profile businesses with heavy web traffic possibilities, Linux server can prove to be a better option.

Windows VPS hosting in a nutshell

If you consider this hosting option, you are sure to be free of the hassle of managing your web hosting features. You are entitled to get the exact package you need to run your website dedicatedly within an affordable price range and the programming is also not very complicated to run the server easily.

Moreover, you get 24×7 customer support team to help you out with the necessary needs from time to time to run your system without any glitch. Overall, Windows VPS hosting is a good option to support the web hosting of businesses with ease.

Now, The ultimate comparison between these two

When you are choosing Linux, you ought to have some knowledge over the same to manage it well whereas when you are choosing windows servers, you don’t need to have extensive programming knowledge for operating the same.

When choosing a windows server, you get technical support, security fixes and regular system upgrades within the same package whereas when choosing Linux, you get it slowed down. You can add the features you want directly to the system server without having to upgrade the server package.

If your company’s web developers have a better grip over NGINX server or open-source apache then rooting for a Linux hosting will be better whereas if they are keen to work on MySQL en choosing the windows server is recommended anytime.

When it comes to cost management, a windows VPS server may actually cost you a bit more as compared to the Linux server because you have to pay for each and every feature that you need for your website. But when choosing a Linux server, you get the services by the host within a lower price range and you don’t need to pay extra for each feature that you add on to your website.

The Conclusion 

If we go on to compare both Linux hosting and Windows VPS Hosting, we will find a few differences between the two as both are compatible enough to provide the best features to support the internet marketers in making their web hosting a successful one.

But when it comes to choosing between the two, it’s naturally a tough decision as the cost of both these web hosting services is marginally different and affordable. So when you are confused between these two web hosting servers, it is verily recommended to go through the features in the offer, the cost and the kind of services they have in offer for you.

After evaluating every aspect and judging which one is best suited for your web hosting requirements, you will be able to decide on one amongst these two. Hopefully, the given comparison can help you simplify the judgments in a better manner.

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