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There are some things over the years that I have considered, sometimes used sometimes not, but then discarded. Not that they were not good technology choices just that they didn’t work for me. I guess over the years I have probably done that many more times than I care to admit. One of the things that I frequently realize is that I need to throw stuff away. I had four different connectors for a Delorme GPS (handheld). I haven’t had or used a Delorme (now Garmin) product in more than three years. I threw those connectors out about a month ago. I need to do that a lot more often. Some of them, the connectors I can’t part with for sentimental reasons.

I miss my Zune.

The Zune was a great idea at the time, Just not one that was meant to be in the long run.

The new problem I have is finding Mini-USB cables. I have a ton of USB-C, and a ton of Micro-USB but I struggle to charge a couple of items that use Mini-USB. I think I have two of those cables now. I probably had ten once upon a time. There is a lesson here and it is to be careful of what you give away and always make sure you have at least one cable that charges the things you need to charge!

Ove the next few weeks I am working on several Tech Wiz reviews. I also have two movie reviews coming. I haven’t done a movie review in a long time. The tech reviews are going to focus more on the overall use of a couple of technology items.

For now, I need to focus on catching up with blog reading! I got behind last week, and missed a lot of great blogs but a lot of great authors!

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