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I posted a pre-ride video from the camera on our tandem bike. I won’t post the actual ride for two reasons. One is we are still learning, and second, we crashed. It is kind of funny to watch the crash POV. But my wife said I wasn’t allowed to share the video, and I will honor that. There are some reviews I am trying to publish, but it probably won’t happen as quickly as I would like. I have a lot of things going on and don’t have time to do a full test of the devices in question. I also need to post a couple of Yelp reviews; I guess I am behind in all reviews now. I am still curious about the mover post I made yesterday. The concept of people that when they read or post, they are influencers.

For example, I know there are quite a few authors that I consider the go-to. It, of course, depends wholly on their sphere of influence for me. I continue to think about the post I made yesterday and wanted to expand the concept more. There are people that you want to interact with when they comment on your posts. There are people that it makes a difference to you that they read your posts. But there are also people that drive additional viewers. I talked yesterday about the two types of user impacts. The first being users that bring her users from the site, when they read or comment. The other is those people that bring guest or people that are not currently members of the site. From the site ownership perspective, my gut is that the second is a bigger deal. But I don’t know that for a fact.

The other side of this is the concept of the advertisement on sites. The new stat that many sites focus on is TOP and CT. The first being time on page. The second, CT, being click-throughs.  Based on reading other posts yesterday I wondered if in fact there aren’t different types of influence and influencers that have an impact on what people post. For some bloggers, itis all about audience expansion. Finding that influencer that drives a bigger audience then is the goal. For some people, it is more about being taken seriously. Therefore you want to influence influencers. You get the idea. None of these things can be effectively captured by gathering stats only. You can get the stats to determine the influencers, but the type of influence they aren’t shown in the numbers. As I continue to think about this I wonder, what type of influencer do you want on your blogs?


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