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The only way I can somewhat recommend Facebook is if you join using a false name and be as vague about everything from your age to location.

This will not prevent advertisements along with all sorts of ‘short reels’ and crap filling your page, but will not lure you into one of the many scams that thrive there.

Lawsuits mount; these are only Two:

1) Facebook parent company Meta will pay $725 million to settle a class-action privacy lawsuit. It improperly shared users’ information with Cambridge Analytica, a data firm used by the Trump campaign.

2) Tanya O’Carroll has launched a lawsuit against Meta alleging it has breached UK data laws by failing to respect her right to demand Facebook stop collecting and processing her data. Facebook generates revenue from building profiles of users and matching them with advertisers who direct ads at people targeting their specific interests and backgrounds.

To be crude; walking naked down Main Street and joining Facebook is about the same when it comes to exposure.

I proved this years ago when I mentioned the term Autism in a post.   After that, I was swamped with all kinds of advertisement concerning Autism.

Hence, every single word you type is swallowed and spat out in some kind of advertisement.

When you use a fake name and an email you created for use on Facebook you have built one wall.  The next needs to be that accepting no one as a friend you don’t know personally.

By this I mean knowing them in real life.  

When you use a fake name, mask your details and only correspond with people you actually know you gain a thin protection.   

A protection far greater than Real Name who lives at Real Address and has Real Children who attend Real school.   For this user has opened herself to  the scammers who search Real Name then post something like;   “Is this Real Name who used to attend Erasmus High School?”


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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