Further refining my tech reviews. Adding a new addition called how long are you willing to wait…

There have been times when I was waiting for a piece of technology for what felt like forever. Keecker is an example of that, I have talked, dreamed and waited now for two years. To me, the concept is beyond incredible. I guess I am willing to wait for incredible.

That got me thinking; I added some categories to my rating system the other day as far as technologies I was compelled to upgrade, could upgrade and so on. Where the cellular phone went from something I always upgraded to a device, I had to upgrade. The before picture being PPC phones didn’t last as long and batteries in the 1990’s weren’t as effective. Plus the features coming out added value each year.

A category in reviews, worth waiting for. I have had two 3d printers to date; I wouldn’t say either of them was worth waiting for. I had the CubeX and the CubeX Duo, and at best they were terrible. Their customer service and software made the systems even worse. I was and did print a lot of things with the Flashforge Dreamer, but their customer service was exceptionally terrible. You lose a lot of customers with bad customer service, and I won’t work with either of the two companies again.

But the category isn’t bad customer service it is products I am willing to wait to have. Waiting to be a very interesting word in my native tongue, English. First, off patience is required for waiting. Sometimes you are in a situation with a need, so patience isn’t an option. Sometimes you are in a situation where you have other solutions that are close, and you are doing a compare and contrast, again waiting isn’t always the best option in those cases.

There is, however, something that waiting is critical for. The category changers and new category technology and personal use items are the quick answers. Keecker, Jibo is category changing devices that have much more uses than imaginable, so waiting is what you do. How long we wait then is the only remaining question. How long is too long to wait for something cool.

The easy answer for me is I am willing to wait 30 months. (That, by the way, is how long I’ve been waiting for Keecker and Jibo). I suspect I will be waiting another 2-3 months for both of the products so the end answer is I am willing to wait 3 years. I think, knowing that the wait is three years I would most likely put something aside and come back to buy it, when it releases.

New additions to my reviews, if they are not available yet will include the new category how long is Scott willing to wait for the device as part of the rating!


What do you think?


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