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Playing Writing Sites Before They Play You – 2

Strategy Two

A new writing site comes up.   You join under some name.  

Now here’s the cute part.  

You take articles you posted last year or the year before on one of the other crap sites you belong to and you post it on the new site.  

No wholesale rewrite;  a few tucks and pastes and  name changes, if necessary,  but that is it.

Most “writing sites”   today don’t care about the writing.  They care about Ads.  They care about getting free money.

What easier way is there to get free money then to have a web site full of ads which pay them?  

A web site created and maintained by a platoon of users who write and post, creating the wall paper on which the owner can hang his ads?

There is no moderation.  

Take advantage.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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