Online Friend – 6

Worf was Jerry!

Worf was my husband’s nephew.  For months I had been deep in a cyber relationship with a person who was almost a son to me.

I wanted to deny it, to find another possibility, but I couldn’t.  I went over our past conversations feeling almost guilty of incest. Yet….

I had shared opinions, ideas, futuristic fantasies, not the boring bits of work/ cooking/ shopping.  And never opened any kind of sex/dating conversation.

He had created worlds and possibilities I dreamed of. The only thing that made my job survivable was knowing that when I logged onto the Internet, Worf would be there with jokes and cheer.

I had gone to work each day knowing that during the hideous eight hours I had chances to escape the office with Worf.

Knowing the true identity of Worf should not change Andromeda. I must go on as I had yesterday, last week, so I could survive this horrible job.

I hope I can….


What do you think?

Written by jaylar