Ok, water proof really does mean something…

Water proof versus water resistant. First off, it only matters if you are near water, or get rained on. It matters more for people that are out on the water, then for people that are just near water. Water proof for your camera is critical if it goes into the water, i.e., Ocean, River, Lake, Swimming pool or just a large puddle. One of the things that make me angry is the misleading reality of water proof and water resistant ads. First off, water resistant means if the device gets wet it should be ok. If it is submerged in more than a foot of water, then you have a problem. Water proof should mean that the device can be completely underwater and can, in fact, be more than a foot under the water without damage.For digital cameras that often means up to 30 feet of water.

For example, the Olympus TG-5 camera can be submerged up to 30 feet underwater. If you add the case from Olympus, you can take it 300 feet underwater, but I don’t go that deep sot he 30 feet is enough for me! Why is the reality of Fake News creeping into the reality of digital cameras? If the camera is water proof that means the camera can be submerged. If you are water resistant than the camera can get wet (rain, salt spray) but cannot be submerged. Ie if it can’t be submerged underwater pictures aren’t viable.The reality of these cameras is quite simple. If, when you see the camera you can open the battery case with the press of a single button it is likely not a water proof camera. Why? Because to be water proof they have to add seals and gaskets. No seals, no gaskets make the camera case easy to open, and therefore easy for water to get in!

Batteries don’t like water. Neither, by the way, do S.D. cards! Water proof cameras are a blast to use by the way, in particular, underwater imaging is fun. It makes me feel like I am Jock Cousteau when I take underwater pictures!


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