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Not Being Ripped

As many of you have realised, there are a lot of scams in Cyber Space.  All you can do to protect yourself is assume the site is dodgy and behave with that thought in mind.  

Protecting original work is vital, and testing sites which may/may not be dodgy is not difficult.  Combining the two is easy. 

Original work is saved on the computer and posted on a site which allows ‘storage’;  that is, one can remove an item to ‘drafts’.

One can write a long piece on a topic, and after publishing, place it into drafts while taking a few paragraphs, slightly rewritten, and posting them on the ‘new’ site.

If the new site doesn’t pay, then bringing the original work out of drafts means it has been ‘plagiarised’ on the new site.  

By using various nicknames on sites and proxy servers, there is no way to link You One to You Two.  Hence, the dodgy site has to take down the item posted by You Two as it is plagiarised.

If the new site is not dodgy and does pay, then you may trust it with original work.  

In this way, you lose nothing.


What do you think?


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