No Spill – Smart Bottle

During exercise, the bottle filled with tea, water, or a drink, is disrupted in travel and we all may have experienced this. Now a startup company has discovered its electronic solution, Which is presented in the case of ‘lid’.

During the driving or jogging we experience water is spilled from the open bottle, that’s why a special sensor is installed in the lid bottle. When our lips touch the bottle its censer opens a barrier automatically and you can easily drink and as soon we remove lips from the bottle , it automatically close.

In this bottle a special kind of touch sensor has been installed in it and whenever a lip touch the bottle, it moves the little motor on cover and bottle cover open for you. In this way, you can drink water or coffee from the upper any part of the bottle.

Once the lip is removed, the bottle motor rotates again and  it closed the cover.Smart bottle takes four hours to charge. And then it can be used for two weeks. Interestingly, the bottle is a wireless charge.This vacuum bottle will be sold in two different sizes, The small bottle price is $ 39 and the big bottle is $ 44.

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