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More Cyber Tips – Protection – 1



When you buy a computer it usually comes ‘fully bloated’.   One of the bloats is a malware program which gives you 30 days free.  

When those 30 days end some users pay for further protection, some just let it lapse.

Neither action is wise.

Firstly, there are a number of other Malware protectors you can download free.

Don’t wait for the current program to end before doing a search for ‘the best free malware protector’  or some similar term.

I always have two different free programs that don’t conflict on my computer.   In this way, it is very difficult for malware to get through, because if one program doesn’t catch it, the other will.

You can change these programs periodically.    In this way you have some protection.  

I write ‘some’ because you are the biggest danger to your computer.


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